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The Love That Can Never Be Yours


Love is a feeling of affection towards a person, animal, object, or anything—living or non-living. It refers to an emotion of strong attraction and personal attachment. It is all-encompassing that includes virtues like compassion, determination, tolerance, endurance, faith, and so much more. That being said, whenever we love, we want to be with the one we set our attention all out to. However, there are times when we can’t have the love of our life. Simply, as said, “Some things just aren’t meant to be.”

So, Head Case Designs has created a collection of back cases that relates to the kind of love that isn’t meant to be. Truly, we can’t have it all. Sometimes, there is no other option but to give up and let go. It’s just the right thing to do to prevent complicating things. Anyway, enough with the drama, and let’s talk about these stylish mobile back cases that make a shout-out of the love that can never be yours in a cutesy approach. And here we have, my dear friends, the collection entitled Impossible Love:

  1. Head Case Cactus and Balloon Impossible Love Design Back Case Cover. How is it possible for a cactus to love a balloon? Well, I don’t know. Just a single touch can pop the latter into pieces. So tell me, is it ever possible? This is perhaps the perfect analogy of a love that isn’t meant to be. If loving each other will cause the destruction of one, then it’s a love that isn’t worth all the sacrifices.
  2. Head Case Sun and Moon Impossible Love Design Back Case Cover. Is there ever a time in your life when you’d seen night and day happening at the exact same moment? I doubt there is. That is because day and night or the sun and moon are dichotomous; they are contrary to one another—unless for an eclipse. Anyway, it’s just saddening that the two will never ever meet. It’s not just the distance we’re talking about here; it’s about the nature of things, and that we can’t oppose.
  3. Head Case Fox and Bunny Impossible Love Design Back Case Cover. Perhaps, you’re still familiar with the predator-prey relationship of creatures in the animal kingdom. As one gains, the other loses. That’s just how it is in their world—this world. One perfect example is a fox and a bunny. The cuddly, small carrot-eater is just a meal for the vicious, cunning fox. The two aren’t supposed to be with each other or else one could lead into the other’s stomach.
  4. Head Case Sweet and Tooth Impossible Love Design Back Case Cover. Everybody knows that too much sweets can lead to tooth problems. This is the reason why we hide candies and chocolate bars from our children so that they will not turn those pearly white teeth to witch-like, one-seat-apart set of incisors and molars. To add a different angle to the story, it seems like Mr. and Mrs. Toothbrush aren’t going to be happy when Tootsie, the tooth, gets close to her sweet boyfriend, Mr. Lollipop.

What better way to make a statement about the love that isn’t meant for you than to have a case that shows it in a cute way? Get one now to remind you that it isn’t worth it. Move forward and start anew instead. Okay?


Say It with a Mobile Case

Every word that is said has its own purpose. Some, with their wits, just throw a bunch of words and organize them in an unlikely fashion and come up with something that can mean so much more than the set of words combined nominally. Sometimes, it’s just convenient to just go for the pre-thought statements to convey what you think or how you feel. Wise words are found anywhere; today, they have been incorporated into items such as shirts, tumblers, cases for gadgets, or sometimes, even in food. With all the thoughts that we want to express, to say it by mouth isn’t just enough.

 Luckily, with the new collection Head Case Designs, you can now state your daily expressions in a flashy way. The collection comes in a variety of flashy colors and fun designs that will surely give your gadget a brand new personality and a perkier look. Aside from the new look, a mobile back case also protects your gadget from scratches, bumps, and blows. Just choose from the expressions below to dress your phone the way you like it.

  1. Push d’ panic button. First up in the Idioms Reloaded designs is this statement. This is used to show a reaction to a situation with fear and confusion. The mere thought of the words combined themselves is actually hilarious enough. It’s just like there’s always a button readily available that you can hit when things are about to go wrong. Just don’t forget to incorporate a bit of humor with your panic to lighten up your mood.
  2. Easy on the eyes. Being easy on the eyes means that one has an attractive appearance that is pleasing to look at. Sometimes, it’s just easier to show someone what’s on your mind than to say it personally. Good thing you can now have a mobile back case with this imprinted on it to express your thoughts that you can hardly blurt out.
  3. No rest for the weary. Everybody needs a pat on the back sometimes to affirm the efforts that he does. Truly, there’s no rest for the weary for people who are already worn-out but still needs to work. A great way to reward yourself for the hard work that you do is to take hold of this one-of-a-kind expression that simply says who you are.
  4. Speak your mind. As timid as you can be, often, you just can’t say what’s on your mind. Even if you think that the content of your thoughts is an important matter, you chose to keep your silence because you’re just too shy to speak out. Some, on the other hand, tend to say things that aren’t really what they think or how they feel. To remind you of the virtue of liberty, honesty, and whatnot, dress your gadget with this case, and feel free to speak your mind.
  5. Stand the test of time. Something that can stand the test of time can prove its resiliency amid circumstances that favors not that thing. This is a statement that everybody should observe in every aspect of his life whether it be his reputation, relationships, or the durability of his smartphone. And yes, with this, your smartphone will literally stand the test of time, fully protected.

Whatever you may be thinking or feeling, there’s always an idiom right for you. All you have to do is to find the right words, and voila! Let your mobile back case do the talking for you.

Are You Up for the Challenge?

Tell me, why do you own a smartphone anyway? If I were to be asked the same, I would say, “It can do almost anything I can think of because it’s so versatile.” With all the features that a smartphone possesses, the possibilities of what it can do are endless. From communications, education, health, banking, entertainment, to dating, your trusty handheld device has a say and most certainly can help; all you have to do is match it with the right mobile accessories and apps to optimize its function.

 The main reason why smartphone users never get bored with their device is because there’s always something new to it every day. And if it’s something new you want, it’s what you’ll get with this new app that is actually a game. This game, S.M.T.H. (Send Me To Heaven), will ask you to throw your phone up in the air as high as you can and catch it. This app uses your phone’s accelerometer to record how high you have thrown your phone. It is created by CarrotPop, a Norwegian developer, and this game is absolutely free.

 If you got tired of just tapping your fingers on your device’s LCD screen protector for less interactive games, connecting colorful dots and matching candies, then maybe, this is what you’re looking for. With this, you’ll get to feel the adrenaline-rush and euphoria when you get to catch your phone successfully. Enable the GPS feature of your phone to locate and take part in a local competition of throwing your phone up in the sky. Get ready to place your name in the game’s leaderboard once you get to toss your smartphone the highest to determine who’s the most daring.

 Once you have hurled your precious device in the air, you have to ascertain that you will catch it, or else you’ll be facing the glorious defeat of breaking your smartphone asunder. Make sure that you have good hand-eye coordination so you won’t have to pay the expensive collateral that comes with your miss. This app, too, is a great way to test your luck; your misfortune will surely speak for itself if you failed.

 Unfortunately, fate isn’t smiling on iPhone users because Apple has banned this app from its App Store. Apparently, the company deemed this is a bad idea. It says that it encourages “behavior that could result in damage to the user’s device.” But who knows, Apple might someday change its mind considering the respectable rating it has garnered from Google Play store of 4 ½ stars.

Seems like a very risky game, isn’t it? Well however, before you even get to play this nerve-racking game, you’ll be asked to agree with a disclaimer waiving the liability of the app developer in case you or your smartphone suffer any injuries while playing the game. Maybe, it will be safer to play on soft soil with your phone encased in a silicone case to lessen the blow if you ever fail to catch its fall. But I guess that defeats the spirit of the game. I guess there’s nothing more to say but go ahead and play the game. With this app, literally, the sky is the limit.

The Perfect Amazon Kindle for You

You are on a hunt for the best Amazon Kindle that fits perfectly for you, you say? Well, you better get on your feet and start strolling on gadget stores! But then again, seeing those tablets one by one makes it harder and harder for you to choose—leaving you stuck in a rut. It would’ve been better if you have checked every kindle’s specs as you exhaust the internet than exhausting your feet, wouldn’t it?

Now, before jumping to buying tablet accessories afterwards, check out this list of Amazon Kindles so you could choose the best one for yourself right off the bat:

#1: Kindle Paperwhite

Paper-what? White! Yes, indeed; I kid you not! This Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is said to be the retail giant’s latest e-reader that comes with a screen light, letting you read in the dark. Perceiving the name, it would feel like reading a real book in a room that is well illuminated—even at night. It has even a sharper, easier to read e-ink screen so you could get your eyes glued to the screen as you read. Hah! Ideally, this Kindle is for people who like to read while they commute—or just simply a real wide-reader who reads regardless if the room is well-lit or not. Drawback counts only on its storage. It can only accommodate up to 2GB storage, and you can no longer expand it by adding a microSD card. Although there is a free Amazon cloud storage, it will be no good if you are in places where you can’t be connected to the internet wirelessly. Nevertheless, it has an eight-week battery life so you could finish those stored eBooks in no time. [£109]

#2: Kindle Fire

You want a Kindle that could spoil your eyes from the vivid colors it produces? Then, grab this Kindle Fire in your hands! This 7-incher, evidently, has slightly bigger screen than the standard Kindle models that are usually about 6 inches. It also has stereo speakers, 8GB of storage, and is powered by a dual-core processor. It is best for people who are used to reading magazines or books which are fond of color illustrations. Those vivid colors make you drool, huh? But here is the catch: it can be a real battery drainer, faster than the usual black and white versions. Reading in direct sunlight would be tad bit hard as well as you can lose the e-ink sharpness. Not to mention, it is also the heaviest of the Kindles as it weighs 400g. It has a battery life of only 9 hours in a single charge. Nevertheless, it has a lively and lovely color screen that you can enjoy not just in reading but also in gaming and watching movies. [£129]

Once you’ve got your Kindle, better get that USB charger as well with you. Enjoy the Kindle that will suit your taste! Have fun reading; have fun with Kindle!

Smartphone or “Dumb Phone”?

Smartphones can get a little bit fragile. Technically, they are mobile phones on a mobile operating system, and yet with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than a feature phone. A feature phone, on the other hand, is priced at the mid-range in hardware lineup by wireless providers, which can be referred to as a “dumb phone.” Although it is a multipurpose phone without the expense of a high-end smartphone, it’s good for a person especially if he or she is a dodgy one.

With a smartphone that may break just by sitting on it, how are you going to prevent all the damages that may occur, and how are you going to lessen the chance of buying now and then a replacement part for a piece that dysfunctions?

 First off, one must know what safety precautions should be followed in order to keep his or her phone safe and protected. One does not simply read the manual, I know. But if it’s for your hard-earned gadget’s longevity, are you willing to compromise your phone’s long-term safety for just a 30-minute reading of its manual? Read on the manual, and search for the tips to keep your phone protected physically. You might get surprised with the things you do to your phone that can damage it in the long run if you kept doing them.

Secondly, you must buy cell phone accessories for its protection. There are thousands of stores—online and physically—that you could search for accessories that are compatible with your phone. I suggest you start with cell phone cases. Sudden bumps, back scratches and damages are just but a few of the risks that oftentimes are encountered by your pristine phone. It breaks the phone; it breaks your heart. Choose back cases that are sturdy enough if being a hardcore adventurer runs in your blood. Better be careful than be sorry.

Next one I suggest is the LCD screen protector. Back has been protected, how about the screen? It’s going to be harder and harder to read with the screen all scuffed and smeared up with the edge of your house and office keys, I say. So better put the LCD screen protector on the list so you could continue spoiling your eyes with the high-definition display of your screen.

Be careful with buying your accessories. This time, the protection is about you. Take for example the accessories that come in the package as you buy your phone. Sure enough, they are not imitations because they came from the manufacturer itself. But, what if they got broken? Don’t trust the cheaper replica ones if you don’t want it to cause your smartphone’s life—or worse, yours. Be it a charger, or just mere earphones, it’s better to buy from stores that are highly trusted.

If you don’t want so much trouble for protecting your smartphone, and if you think you can’t handle it, it’s better to choose a feature phone so your heart won’t be shattered as your smartphone shatters. Who knows, “dumb phones” may suffice your needs, and you might like it as it gives you less mini-heart attacks.

Improving Battery Life of Your Android Phone

ImageAdmit it. You are one of the people who fall under the so-called hardcore users of smartphones. You tend to get the hang of every app you have downloaded to your phone and let the battery be all juiced out up to its last drop. With all those newly developed and innovated application games, who wouldn’t be addicted? You can just live tapping all day on your phone’s screen, kill almost all social connections, and be the master of your bladder as long as you could. Hah! Of course, you’re going to need to eat, bathe, and sleep.

But don’t be surprised if one day, the battery stops functioning. Like us, humans, batteries need nourishing, too; they need to be taken care of. Not just your smartphone, but also every bit and piece of it. If not, you’ll be forced to buy aftermarket stuff like replacement batteries. But I’ll give you a heads up. Should your battery die for good—or in that case, for worse—take a shot with the online mobile store which is E_cell rather than going to purchase cheaper replica ones. I have trusted that seller since, so I highly recommend it.

Moving on, here are some quick guides for you to prolong your battery life if the thought of buying replacement parts stings:

#1: Avoid Live Wallpapers

Even though how awesome and cute live wallpapers are, they can be a real battery drainer. Help your phone to prolong battery life by avoiding live wallpapers that can use precious battery juice.

#2: Turn Down the Screen Brightness

Talk about screens here; their brightness can eat up a lot battery juice. To solve this, you can always have the Automatic brightness option so you wouldn’t be adjusting every now and then. Get it activated by following this instruction:

Go to: Settings > Screen & display > Brightness.

But, if you can manage to comprehend your screen even in constantly low value of brightness, then you may do so. It even saves you a lot of battery juice.

#3: Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use.

Stating the obvious, to save resources, one must know how to save it. And evidently, I’m talking about the battery. If you need to have an internet access, then turning the Wi-Fi on will definitely be favorable. But if there’s a time that you are not in need to be connected, you always have an option to turn it off to save your battery’s life. You can turn it off from a homescreen widget, or from Settings > Wireless networks > Wi-Fi.

#4: Use Widgets Wisely

Even though having homescreen widgets can be very handy, they can be a battery drainer of great deal as they oftentimes pull information from the interwebs. Some prefer using widgets to use apps in just a simple tap. But if it is as fast and easy to launch an app, what good is it for, then?

#5: Do not exhaust multi-tasking

Although some smartphones are designed to multi-task, be rational in using them. Yes, you can jump from building to building with the right amount of speed and distance, but you don’t always have to jump. Multi-task if you should, but not if you just want to test it, oddly, every now and then.

You better save your battery’s life if you’re going on a long trip. Be wise on the battery’s usage if you don’t want it to die at the time you need it the most.

Alarm Clocks: Why Should We Love Them?

What makes you tick first thing in the morning? Right! Alarm Clocks (pun intended)! You are sleeping soundly dreaming of your—what else?—dream guy or girl and when it’s time for the kissing scene, the alarm clock from your smartphone starts outrageously alarming! You could’ve thrown your phone and go back dreaming. And because you are just so in love with sleeping, aside from your dream guy or girl, you hit the snooze as fast and hard as you can—every now and then. What’s worst is you couldn’t sleep anymore or even worse, the never-would-like-to-be-thinkable happened! You are downright late for your oh-so important appointment. Needless to say, it makes you feel tired and cranky, no matter how long you have actually slept. You have every reason to hate alarm clocks but why should you love them? Consider it the clock of your dreams for here is the list of latest gadgets that will definitely make your sleepyheads up!


  • Clocky Robotic Alarm Clock. Meet Clocky before it runs away! It leaps off your night stand making the annoying beep-beep sound, leaving you wheezing as you try to catch this little bugger to turn it off. Just wish for it not to wriggle on tight places.[$49.99 – $59.99]
  • Flying Alarm Clock. Yes, flying. So you have to keep your eyes open to find where the propeller-driven key to the alarm clock is propelled to. So might as well force your sleep addled brain into wakefulness and retrieve the key so the loud shrieking alarm goes off. [$19.99]
  • Target Alarm Clock. Sucker for shooting games? Then Target alarm clock will be a great try. The Gun O’Clock target pops up, and you have to grab the gun in time to literally kill the alarm. Hah! Wake up in action before you get killed! [$17.13]
  • Finger Dance Alarm Clock. Skateboard has a fingerboard now, so why can’t a dance revolution for the finger do? Not a bad idea, I say! What fun to wake up and dance with the tune and play with it until the music stops! Get those fingers busy giving a game arcade feeling every morning! [$26.78]
  • No Snooze Alarm Clock. Have a problem with snooze? Then get rid of it! You think it’ll be much more fun? Ooh, wait ‘til this alarm clock rings! You have to lift the strap and twirl it for 90 seconds, hitting two rotations for each second. And don’t even think about slowing up or stopping completely halfway through or you have to make the full run again if you fail halfway! Do you love snooze button now?
  • Sfera Alarm Clock. Since the previous one is a cruel one, this Sfera Alarm Clock brings you back the snooze you once hated. You can tap the alarm to stop sounding when the alarm triggers. Clock will start to rise up towards the ceiling as soon as you go back to sleep. Sleep some more and you’ll definitely need a ladder! You have to drag it back down to your bed to fully deactivate the alarm clock or you’ll forever wish to have a lower ceiling!


Do you still hate having alarm clocks? It’s better to wake up than to not be awake at all!