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Ready, Set, DIY!

November 27, 2012

The unending list of desirables is in no way getting fulfilled. The things we want outweigh the things we need. This is why that wallet of yours never fills up. You can’t really blame yourself for that. Everything is too expensive and too unattainable these days.

To the type of person who believes these desirables are impractical, they will tell you that you’re not only wasting your cash, so does your time. Why be impractical when you can simply say: I’M PRACTICAL.

Resort to collecting the accessible resources you can find at home and build one of the many un-necessities existing in today’s complex living. This is the definition of DIY or do-it-yourself.

For that very reason, I took the initiative to compile these Do-It-Yourself Cell Phone Accessories projects which you can get ideas from over the net. This time, you can actually manage to have them without worrying about the price. Test your patience and your money with these easy DIY projects.

MightyMintyBoost (iPod/iPhone charger)

The sun shall provide and so it did. You can now have your very own iPod or iPhone charger that is very handy and can even help in the action against global warming since it uses the sun as its energy source instead of the fossil fuel powered battery chargers that you usually buy.

This charger is very easy to build although you have to really be careful in the process. Damages on the device can occur so you have to do everything by the book. Reading instructions can never hurt.

Smartphone Car Mount

Be smart and get your smartphone its rightful place in your car. Using only a binder clip and some rubber bands, you can create a very affordable and convenient smartphone car holder.

This clever contraption works by attaching it to the car and then fixing your phone on the other side. For better effect, place your phone with its case so it will hold better. This invention also works as a smartphone stand if you so wish to use it like that.

Netbook to Tablet

This is probably the hardest DIY project I have prepared for you BUT only cost you about a $100 and a day to accomplish. You don’t need to buy the extravagant tablet your friend showed you last week.

It only takes five steps to recycle that old netbook of yours: disassemble, flip, connect, reattach, and finally install.

Before engaging into buying a pricey device or accessory, why not try these very resourceful ploys. Imagine how much money you’ll save and still have the mobile accessories that you wanted all in a day’s work.

If you ever decide to DIY, I have only one question for you: Now that wasn’t so hard was it?

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