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Something Small Isn’t Always Beneficial

December 18, 2012

images  Technology helps many individuals in many ways. It has proved its worth from the conception of the computer. From then on, other life-enhancing technologies were developed. Along with it followed the mobile accessories that protected your handsets from scratches, bumps, kept water leaking into the superior hardware mounted to your phone, and moreover strengthens the drop capability of your device.

Everyone is so focused in bettering life; making day to day tasks achievable with the fastest method possible. It’s an upright view, indeed. Yet, if you detach yourself from it for just a moment and begin seeing matters impartially, you’ll find that regardless of how much useful these technologies have handed over, the bad side comes along with it. There hasn’t been a single venture that’s been formed which was purely good. It’s nature’s way of leveling things.

There are tons of lists which describe the negative effects of technology for kids, parents, business people, travelers, etc. Technology makes your child laid-back; it finishes off your parents’ partnership; it fails the organization once it malfunctions; and can eventually cause death.

One example of technology which awarded everybody a great help in everyday living is wireless technology. It isn’t a new technology as most experts will state, but is the one that related professionals continue to develop in order to offer a more suitable lifestyle for individuals. Wireless technology has been referred to as a lifestyle technology as it presents greater flexibility for every person who’s constantly on-the-go.

Wireless technology makes use of microwaves in the operation. And it would seem that microwaves are contributing to the development of neurological diseases. Microwaves increase “free radicals”. Now, I am not going to get methodical with you, rather I’ll explain the effect of “free radicals” in the easiest way I can. Free radicals are capable of damaging the crucial functions of the human body which slowly brings about brain-related health issues, according to Dr. Russell Blaylock, a neurosurgeon who shared his expert impression on the topic.

No matter how advantageous wireless technology is to work and school, take into account that extended exposure to microwaves via wireless technologies may fry your brain for good. The impact is identical with cell phone use, and may be far worse.

Knowing these and supposing that they can actually happen; people still pursue to create this type of technologies. Everyone knows that too much is never better; and on a similar note, so does wanting less. As much as we hate to admit it, it’s in our character to want more of everything. And so in the end, we have to embrace that we are the culprit for the damages brought by these technologies.

Maybe we should put an end to making life better and make ourselves better for life.

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