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Cross the Bridge When You Get There with Care

February 25, 2013

Probably one of the most Head Case Furry Collection Protective Snap-on Back Case for Nokia Asha 302painful experiences that a person may encounter is being cheated. These mishaps lead to a myriad of tragedies even as awful as suicide. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) says that the gender ratio of suicide is 4 men is to 1 woman. According to Thomas Joiner, PhD, a professor of psychology in the University of Florida, relationship issues, including having been cheated, accounts to 75% of suicide cases in men between ages 20 and 40. Before being confronted with the hard truth of a full-blown cheating event, it is best to observe the signs of your possible girlfriend’s unfaithfulness to help ready yourself for the pain and pacify yourself much better. Below are signs that you may see which MIGHT indicate that your girlfriend is cheating:


  1. Less bed time. Frequently, it happens that your girlfriend becomes less “performing” in bed. She may exhibit signs of disinterest in doing romantic activities with you. This may be a sign that she is feeling that the relationship is not anymore worth it and its time to move on to another.
  2. Drowning you with affection. Contrary to the first sign, this is your girlfriend’s way to compensate for her guilty conscience. This is usually seen at the first stage of her cheating escapade.
  3. Unusual phone habits. You might notice that your girlfiend is already using a password lock in her smartphone, or you might be able to access her phone and find a deleted call and text history. Also, sudden changes such as excusing herself whenever the phone rings or making phone calls in private may be signs that she is having an affair.
  4. Narcissism kicks in. If ever you see some changes in your girlfriend’s looks, then there must be something fishy going on. You may see that she begins to be preoccupied with the way she looks which may be exhibited by dressing differently, frequent self-checks in the mirror, or sudden interest in reducing weight.
  5. Defence mode is activated. Once confronted, your girlfriend may tell you a ton of excuses for whatever issue you brought up. She may even use circumstances like running errands as a protective cover to avert issues being dealt with.
  6. Anger issues. Nagging reduces the feeling of remorse in cheating. This is to create a mental picture of every flaw she can find on you to make her feel less guilty of her actions. Eventually she will rationalize that you probably deserve what she did since you’re not that worthy to begin with.
  7. From “we” to “I”. Unconsciously your girlfriend may use the pronoun “I” more often rather than “we”. This may be associated with her desires that do not involve or concern you anymore.
  8. Projecting her shortcomings. Projection is a common defence mechanism found in people who commit mistakes. Be wary if she starts on accusing you of things without sufficient basis.
  9. Trust your instincts. Do not underestimate your sixth sense. Sometimes when you feel like there is something wrong, there probably is.


Never be delusional thinking that your girlfriend would never cheat on you. The same way goes with being too judgmental because being one can get you dumped. The signs above may be indicative of something else but if you see those present in your girlfriend, it’s best to have an open communication and talk things through to know what really is going on. If ever you experienced being cheated, never think that it’s your fault because it absolutely is not. Cheating comes from the personal failing of the cheater, not the cheated.

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