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Memoirs of a Damsel in the Grave part 1

March 18, 2013

Image by dcmetropolicecollector.comA call woke Detective Rogers up in the middle of the night. When he picked up the phone, a representative spoke and said that there was a suspected suicide case in the suburbs of Sexton city. Detective Rogers hurriedly went to the scene of the crime. Upon arrival, he was greeted by a couple of paramedics who first got there to rescue the victim and a couple of police officers that came there about 20 minutes ago. The detective entered the house and inspected the crime scene. He saw the victim hanged in the living room. He examined the body even further and saw that the legs and feet of the victim already turned blue-violet-red while the head and upper arms are pale due to the stasis of the blood to dependent areas. The detective’s hunch is that the victim had already passed away about 6-7 hours ago. He advanced his inspection to the rest of the rooms in the house. In the dining room, he found a tablet encased in a rotating case stand on the dining table pointing to the direction of the living room. He saw that there was an odd stain on the LCD screen protector of the tablet. He tried to press the home button of the device and a video flashed before his eyes—a video of the hanged victim struggling for air. Detective Rogers was shocked with what he saw. The video is 60 seconds long. The first 36 seconds was a scene of struggle, as if the victim held on the rope, to raise herself to grasp for her final breath, while the remaining seconds showed a motionless lady bereft of life.

Detective Rogers maintained his composure as he went out of the house. Though a veteran in handling crime and mystery cases, what he saw gave him the creeps. As he stepped out of the front door, he approached the witness, the housemate of the victim, who was the one who called for help from the authorities using her smartphone. He saw the witness covered by a blue stripes design bath towel, trembling, probably out of fear and disbelief. The detective sat next to the lady and asked her, “What is your name?” She answered, “Stephanie”. Then, Detective Rogers asked Stephanie to narrate what transpired. According to the witness, she arrived at the house at 9:38 pm. She said that she hadn’t noticed the dead body right away because she used the back door instead. Stephanie usually comes in using the back door whenever she carries grocery items so that she can store them at once. After placing every item in its proper place, she went straight in the bathroom to take a nice warm bubble bath to relieve her stress. It took her about 42 minutes to cleanse her body and mind with the soothing experience while listening to rock music through her mobile earphones. She came out of the bathroom in a robe and uses a blue stripes design bath towel to dry her hair. Because her head was facing on the floor while drying her hair, she did not immediately see the dead body while on her way to her bedroom. Before reaching her bedroom, she first needs to get past the living room. Suddenly, she slid, falling to her back because of the wet wood flooring. When she looked up, that was the first time she saw the dead body of Patricia hanged by a noose.

…to be continued.

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