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Memoirs of a Damsel in the Grave part 2

March 19, 2013

Stephanie screamed her lungs out till there was no more sound produced. She got up immediately and ran to her room while hysterically howling. She jumped in bed and took the blanket to cover herself while crying in pain. She was in a state of panic not knowing what to do. She tried to calm herself down so that she can think of what to do next. When she got back to her senses out of denial, she took her smartphone out of the pocket of her shorts and called the authorities, informing them of what she just saw. The paramedics came exactly 9 minutes and 14 seconds after Stephanie reported the incident, still within the recommended 10 minutes time to reach the scene. Stephanie opened the door only 3 seconds after the doorbell rang. The paramedics were greeted by the weeping Stephanie. She escorted them to the living room to inspect the dead body. Three minutes after, the police came, inspecting the scene of the crime. When they saw the hanged corpse, without reservation, they contacted Detective Rogers to accompany them in investigating the incident.

Detective Rogers was quite satisfied with Stephanie’s narration of the incident. But he still wants to figure out why, if truly a case of suicide, did Patricia carry out that horrible thing to herself. So the detective continued throwing questions to the witness. Soon Detective Rogers learned that the victim just turned 24 years old 3 weeks ago. She was a co-worker of the witness in a shop selling the latest gadgets and mobile accessories of all sorts 4 blocks away from their house. Patricia has a Malayo-Polynesian ancestry originally from a third world nation in South East Asia. She lost both her parents and her 2 younger siblings back in their hometown because of a missile that erroneously landed 11 meters from their house due to an ongoing tension between the army and the rebels. Lucky for Patricia, she was playing by the riverbanks with her friends when that unfortunate incident occurred. She was only 15 years old back then when she was left an orphan and nowhere else to stay. Her aunt from the next province took her in after being informed of the tragic incident she faced. Eventually she and her aunt planned to go far away from that place of upheaval because of the growing tension between the two clashing forces. They decided to flee the country by sneaking in a cargo ship destined to the far west.

As soon as the ship docked to the foreign land, they sneaked out to evade the watchful eyes of the guards. Unfortunately, the guard dogs sensed their presence and chase the two till Patricia’s aunt, due to her advanced age, slowed down and lay on the ground while her clasped hand was on her chest, she seemed to be having a heart attack. Patricia tried to carry her aunt, but her efforts were useless because her skinny body cannot support the weight of the older lady. Her aunt told her to run as far away as she can and start a new life. Her aunt said before expiring her last breath, “Be good in the sense of the world.” She did what she was told with tears falling from her eyes. Patricia wasn’t so sure what that meant but she kept it in her mind and in her heart. As she was running, she turned her head around just to see the massive dogs tearing the flesh of her aunt’s arms and legs, just like how a lion in the wilderness of Central Africa would consume its prey, biting the meat off a helpless antelope. Patricia kept her silence although all she could think about at that time is to shriek out loud to release her sorrow, for her shouts might catch the attention of the guards.

…to be continued.

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