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Memoirs of a Damsel in the Grave part 3

March 21, 2013

After hearing the long story, the detective was surprised that he was already shedding tears—deeply touched and feeling pitiful for the victim at the same time on why she had to go through all that experience then just end up as a cold lifeless corpse hanged in the living room. According to Stephanie, Patricia has always been an introvert. Within the 5 years that she had known her, she has had no romantic relationships. She doesn’t talk much at work except when spoken to. Though English is not her native language, she learned fast on reading and speaking the language. Detective Rogers stood up, thanked Stephanie for being a great help to him in narrating in detail what he needs to know.

The detective went back inside the house to gather traces of evidence to back up the theory that Patricia did commit suicide without foul play or any aid from someone else. As he entered the house once again, we went back in the living room. He checked every corner of the room for something that can support his argument. He saw a shiny object hidden behind the 3-foot vase on the northwest corner of the room. He carefully picked the shiny object and found out it is a personalized iPhone case with a doodle of a man’s name on it. The name on the case is Chuck. The name sounds familiar to the detective but he didn’t mind it that much for the fact that out of the 7 billion people in the world, probably even a thousand of them are named Chuck. It was in his impression that the mobile back case is meant for the name inscribed as a gift since a gift card was attached and only the “from” portion was filled out, written “Patricia”. He looked for more clues in the room and found a pair of scissors with filaments of rope material on the floor, probably the same rope used by Patricia to hang herself on the ceiling fan. Then on the couch, underneath a pile of throw pillows, he saw a smartphone. When he reached for it, the phone suddenly rang. Shown on the screen is a number unregistered on the contacts of the owner. Out of curiosity, he pressed the answer button and placed the earpiece of the device as close as possible to his ear. He listened without saying a word. All he heard was the sound of a person breathing. After 8 seconds, the call just ended. The detective checked the phone and saw the picture of Patricia, smiling, wearing a navy blue jacket set as the wallpaper.

What bothers the detective is that there is nothing close to the dead body that can serve as an object to step on to give her the height advantage in order to reach the noose and ultimately hang herself to death. The nearest possible thing that the detective has seen is the couch which is approximately 13 feet away from the cadaver.

…to be continued.

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