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Memoirs of a Damsel in the Grave part 4

March 22, 2013

Detective Rogers is in the state of bewilderment until he was reminded from his recollection about the video he saw earlier on the tablet in a rotating case stand found in the dining room. He thought of reviewing the video to find out how on earth did the victim reach that height even without using a platform to stand on. The toes of the victim are more or less 3 feet from the floor so it will be impossible for her to just jump to hang her neck to the noose.

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The tablet was plugged in a portable charger so he first unplugged the device from the tablet and took the latter to closely watch the video once again. The full 60-second video did not answer the query of the detective on how did she reach the noose because it only showed the ceiling fan down to the knees of the victim. The video is quite not long enough; probably she used a voice command handsfree application to activate the video recorder of the tablet while committing suicide. Moreover, the video did not cover every moment of the unfortunate incident so it was deemed immaterial in proving the suicide of Patricia by the detective. But the question that keeps on bogging the detective’s mind is why is there a need to capture that moment if it won’t be much of value in unravelling something worthy. He just assumed for now that it was just an error on the angle set in capturing that minute that is why the part below the knee of the victim was not included in the perspective of the recording.

Before leaving the scene of the crime, Detective Rogers decided to take a last look at the dead body once again before the corpse will be taken to a safer place, and look for scratches and contusions that may indicate that she was assaulted. No matter how many times he inspects the body, there shows no sign that there was force involved. For now all he has of value are the smartphone of Patricia and the personalized iPhone case intended for Chuck. As Stephanie said, Patricia has had no romantic relationships ever since so the mobile back case gave the detective a hunch that it is invaluable in figuring out the case. Plus, there is something deep inside the detective telling him that there must be something about that accessory.

Due to the lateness of the hour, the team decided to call it a night and resume the investigation the next morning. So what they did is they packed their things, brought down the cadaver, secure the crime scene, and part ways. As the detective got on his car, he drove from the cul-de-sac to the highway slowly while staring at the house where the suicide had taken place.

…to be continued.

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