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Memoirs of a Damsel in the Grave part 5

March 25, 2013

Detective Rogers arrived home at exactly 11:34 pm. He owns a condominium unit downtown at the corner of Manchester and Dublin streets, beside the warehouse of the best mobile phone manufacturer in the continents of Europe and North America. He parked his car on his predetermined parking space then got off bringing the material evidence that would help enlighten his analysis about the case. As he approached the door of his unit, he saw a small package in front of the doorstep. The package was from someone named Kanya Nantakran—a name that the detective isn’t familiar with. He scrutinized the package well and searched for any identifying marks of tampering. As soon as he was sure that the package was safe to bring in, he grabbed it with his right hand and took it with him. He placed the package over the leftmost second shelf from the top where he keeps his case file archives while he placed the two pieces of evidence over the desk.

The 53-year old detective lives alone in the condominium unit since he is already divorced by his wife, a paediatrician, 7 years ago. His 31-year old son is an acclaimed orchestra conductor of the Orbridge County Philarmonic Orchestra which usually plays on most parts of Europe while his daughter, 26 years old, is a sous-shef in the biggest cruise ship in the world—the Allure of the Seas. Although he has all the latest gadgets one can imagine in his abode, he still chooses to sit down in front of his desk while reading his case files silently.

He placed his jacket on the armrest of his lounge, popped a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and took a couple of shots while overlooking the city from the terrace of his unit. He still can’t get the picture of Patricia’s dead body out of his mind. After 16 minutes and two glasses of whiskey, he went inside, sat in front of the desk, and examined the smartphone of the victim. He was intrigued by the call previously, so he connected the phone to an apparatus to record any call that may transpire sooner or later. Then he took the mobile back case and examined it carefully. The back side was just elegant; it was adorned with shiny sequins forming the name “Chuck”. When he turned the case on the opposite side, he saw some sort of writing etched on the inner part of the case that isn’t that visible to the naked eye. Detective Rogers tilted the case right below the beam of light to see the hidden message clearer, it seemed like the message is formed by a 4 mm abrasive tip. He grabbed his reading glasses to aid his vision in deciphering the hidden message. On his surprise, he read “You had a choice.”

…to be continued.

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