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Memoirs of a Damsel in the Grave part 6

March 26, 2013

It was November 18, 2005 when Chuck decided it is time to leave home and flee to the city. Since he was already 18 years old back then, he thought it was the best thing to do to get away from his drunkard dad who does nothing but let him raise their farm animals all by himself and leave behind his 11-year old sister for a while. Chuck’s mom had been taken in solitary confinement the year before because she was caught smuggling illegal drugs hiding them inside a box of mobile back cases. The box with illegal drugs was exposed in a train station by the help of drug-sniffing dogs when she went in a rest room. Seeing that there was commotion going on after coming out from the rest room, she hid from the authorities, but was later arrested only after 2 weeks and 4 days. Since then, Chuck suffered from a great deal of hardships and maltreatment from his father. Before he left the house, he promised his sister that one day he will come back to get her out of that formidable place.

Chuck had to endure sleeping in the alleyway for 4 days after leaving home. He stayed alive just because some handed him something to eat out of their pity for him. With his determination to never go back home and deal with his abusive father ever again, he tried to venture the labour market hoping that there is someone out there willing to make his services useful. Chuck’s first job was in a fast-food chain as a dishwasher then promoted as a drive-through clerk only after 3 months because of his hard work and dedication for his job. He reports 2 hours early for work to do extra tasks even the ones not delegated to him. He was frequently lauded by his manager and appreciated by his co-workers because he is very personable and committed to his job.


Life wasn’t easy for Chuck back then because his salary is just enough to get by with the bills such as rent, utilities, and food, including the money he sends to her sister. There are times when he would just sleep so as not to feel his grumbling stomach. One day, Chuck received a call from his sister informing him that she was rushed to the hospital on a Friday, 2 days ago, after being seen by her teacher lying unconsciously on a patch of grass a block away from her school. The next day, during Chuck’s lunch break, he was mopping the floor on the east corner of the place when he found a smartphone on table 6 unattended. Because of his desperation for money to pay the hospital bills, he looked around if there was someone looking at him; hurriedly he took the device as soon as he was assured that everyone else is busy and placed the device in his locker. After 2 minutes, the customer who left the device came back to her seat from the rest room. She was very sure that she left her gadget on the table. Hysterically, the customer asked the people around if there was anyone who had seen where her smartphone is. A man went inside the restaurant and pointed Chuck saying it is he who took the device. Chuck did not notice that there was someone inside the car parked just in front of the place who was observing his every move from taking the gadget to going inside the employee quarters. The fuss caught the attention of the manager. To clear out the issue, the manager, who has full confidence that his best employee is incapable of the doing what he was being suspected of, requested Chuck to vindicate himself. They entered the employee quarters and searched for the device. The only space to be searched that is not protected is his locker. The manager requested for Chuck’s key. Just as the manager is about to open the lock, Chuck shouted and confessed what he has done. Dismayed by the incident and as written in the bylaws of the company, the manager had no choice but to dismiss Chuck.


…to be continued.

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