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Memoirs of a Damsel in the Grave part 8

April 22, 2013

The detective left the joint satisfied with the meal and the information. Without wasting anymore time, he head straight to the crime scene. He drove past the house and into the cul-de-sac seeing the police tape still intact and no one there yet. He circumnavigated by the edge of the road then back to the house. Before getting-off from the car, he checked the time and saw that it was already 8:36 am, then he unplugged his phone from the car charger, and got off. The neighbourhood was quiet, in fact too quiet. There was no one roaming around the streets even at that time of the morning unlike other neighbourhoods where he can see people jogging on the promenade, pet lovers taking their dogs for a walk, and homeowners tending their lawns. This just isn’t like one of them.

Instead of entering the house through the front door, he went ahead by the narrow passageway to the backyard. The area was so unkempt and full of clutter. For him, it doesn’t seem like the house was resided by women. He continued to inspect the backyard. He saw a couple of rose bushes which aren’t taken care of. “Such a pity,” he said, “Those roses would have been a beautiful addition to this place.” He tried to open the backdoor, but he found out that it was locked. Having no choice, he returned back in front. He saw the policemen already standing by the lawn when he reached the ventral portion of the house. The detective greeted the law enforcers politely, and the team headed into the house.

It was dark inside. The windows are covered by thick curtains that allowed hardly any light to enter. The detective asked the policemen where the witness, Stephanie, was taken temporarily. According to them, for the time being, she was requested to stay in a nearby motel, 8 blocks away, which is a bit closer to her workplace. Detective Rogers deemed it was necessary to look into the room of Patricia to find for more clues. So he did. The door to Patricia’s room has a poster of a collage, if looked at closely, resembles a teary eye. In the room, the detective saw a bunch of mobile back cases. Apparently, one of Patricia’s hobbies is personalizing them, and giving them out as gifts, like the one he saw last night behind the vase with the name “Chuck” decorated by shiny sequins. The detective continued searching and searching. He looked inside the cabinet, opened every drawer, and checked under the bed, but found nothing suspicious. As he was about to exit the room, he saw on the upper corner a peeled wallpaper. He followed the trail down below with his eyes and noticed that it was badly plastered when he ran his hands on the surface. He peeled off the wallpaper completely and saw a message. He took a picture of it with his smartphone and hurriedly ran out of the house and drove to where Stephanie is temporarily staying.

…to be continued.

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