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Memoirs of a Damsel in the Grave part 9

April 25, 2013

When Detective Rogers reached the motel, he saw Stephanie walking down the stairs listening to music through her mobile earphones carrying a large black plastic bag to dispose. The detective yelled her name, but she was not able to hear him. He followed her until both reached the trash compactor. Stephanie was rattled when the detective tapped her shoulder to catch her attention. Stephanie took off the earphones and greeted the detective, who in turn greeted her back. The detective asked her on how she is doing after the incident. Stephanie’s face turned gloomy all of a sudden then said that she misses her friend. If only she have sensed earlier that Patricia is having some problems, she could have done something to stop what she did to herself.


Stephanie escorted the detective back to her place and offered him coffee. Detective Rogers prefers his coffee black with just half a teaspoon of sugar, so he was served a cup to his liking. He took off his khaki jacket and placed it on the armrest of the couch. He also placed his smartphone and car keys on the coffee table. While waiting for Stephanie back from the kitchen, the detective observed the place. It was small but enough for one occupant. Anyway, she will only be staying there until the end of the week. As soon as both Stephanie and the detective were seated well, the latter spoke. “I saw a bothersome message behind the wallpaper in Patricia’s room,” said the detective. Stephanie was perplexed as seen by her facial expression. “I can show you an image of that message if you want,” he added. The girl nodded. Detective Rogers took his smartphone and navigated it all the way to that image. He then showed it to her. Stephanie was without reaction for 16 seconds as she held the gadget after reading the message. The detective called Stephanie’s name a couple of times after she went into some sort of trance but just responded when he shook her shoulders. She looked into the detective’s eyes then tears began falling down her cheeks. She said that she might have an idea on why Patricia committed suicide, but she isn’t sure if it has something to do with Chuck. Suddenly the phone of Detective Rogers rang, and he immediately answered it. On the other line is the police officer stationed in the scene of the crime. He said that they caught a man sneaking in the crime scene and is now handcuffed and held inside the police vehicle. He suggests that the detective be there as soon as possible to do an interrogation on the trespasser. Just before the detective is about to step out the door, Stephanie said, “I have to confess something, something that no one ever knows.”


…to be continued.

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