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When Good is Not Good Enough

June 5, 2013

Your exam will befall in a day’s time. You burned your eyebrows day and night just to ace your exams. And when that day came, you answered as much as you can, motivated by the idea that you will top it all up. You are very confident and all and just couldn’t help imagining that you will be a top-notcher. Results finally came with much of your anticipation. But then again, you were not even in the list of top students. You cry: What went wrong? I sure studied well? I don’t understand! With your eagerness to know the answer, you asked for your paper and ran down to every item and as you’ve reached the last page, you missed to answer the essay part which is a heart-shattering 20 points.

This instance can only be looked back with regret and makes us do our best to shake it off our heads. But what’s worse than falling short of things in life you aspire is that you mess up with your relationships. The best things in life aren’t things, I say. Let’s not get far from romance. It has been a relationship protocol to let your better half know every detail of the things you do when you are apart. He or she will start with the questions: How are you doing? Did you take your lunch? What are you watching? And then countless questions that keep all your smartphones beeping. Love is always sweet when it’s new; it can get sweeter when it’s only true. But when is a relationship not good enough? Here is some list that may or could’ve hit your relationship:

  • High expectations. A lot of us do expect—no, scratch that—all of us do expect yet it depends on its rate. Some people have low expectations and evidently, the rest goes way over the top. To tell that the former is better than the latter would be a fallacy since both share equal advantages and drawbacks. For low expectations sure is good in a way that it doesn’t require much of his or her partner. But here’s the catch, he or she underestimates his or her partner which is really degrading on the other. And the usual who expects highly thinks his or her partner can do great things. But when the other falls short, expect as well the disappointment it brings.
  • Over expressed. Too much of anything is always bad. In relationships, it’s not bad to be honest with both sides for it is important for both to be transparent in order for trust to prevail in the relationship. But sometimes one thinks he or she is always right. Thus they argue their point to their partners in which it spoils the relationship. One must control or better yet, stop expressing unnecessary stuff that could push your partner away.
  • Taking hold. If the previous one says hold back, this one points the problem on taking on hold. It’s when one of the parties doesn’t want to let go of the issue. Forgive and forget won’t ever be their motto. They keep bringing back their partner’s fault once they should be the one to blame on the current situation. They just couldn’t forgive their partner and nothing sucks more than a trust being crushed.

A not good enough relationship is like a cheap mobile accessory that usually may give compromised quality. Maybe the other thinks that he or she gives everything but his or her partner could not see it—simply because they have different love language. Other than that, the relationship was made out of self gratification alone. Thus it fails most often since expectations to be gratified aren’t met.

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