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The Peculiar Kitchen Tricks to Shed Those Extra Pounds

June 10, 2013

The kitchen is the part of the house used for preparing and cooking food. This is perhaps the heart of every home. Without the kitchen, you will most likely starve to death. As said, the kitchen is where the ingredients you buy from the supermarket or elsewhere are turned into scrumptious grub. However, if you are on a mission to shed those extra pounds, I believe the kitchen is the last part of the house where you want to be. Because the tendency is, seeing food will only make you eat and eat, and if that’s to happen, then good luck with your diet. With the kitchen tricks listed below, you need not to be afraid anymore of loitering in the kitchen. There are things that you can do in the kitchen that can actually make you lose weight. Just read the list below to find out what they are.

  1. Make fruits visible and accessible. Not all fruits are readily available to serve as a snack. Some should be prepped, pared, deseeded, and sliced before they can be eaten. The tendency is, if it requires that much work, we tend to go for convenience foods like junk foods instead of healthy options once hungry. To break that habit, prepare your fruits beforehand and place them in a container as transparent as an LCD screen protector to appear visible. Store the prepped fruits at eye level in the refrigerator, so that you’ll reach for them whenever you’re hungry.
  2. Load up on greens. A full-course meal isn’t so common anymore in most homes. Dinners typically include a slab of meat, a form of carbohydrates, and a spoonful of veggies. One good way to lay off those excess calories is to introduce salad first before the main dish. Vegetables are fibrous and can make you feel satiated allowing you to eat less of the main course.
  3. Measure your ingredients accurately. It’s important that you have the right tools to use when cooking, such as measuring cups and spoons. People tend to overestimate how much of this and that needs to be used, and more often than not, they infuse ingredients over the prescribed amount, thus resulting to additional calories. Measuring ingredients not only helps you control calorie content; it also ensures that the food you cook is perfect as stated in the recipe.
  4. Store junk foods away. Since junk foods are convenient foods, they are the first things we grab over the kitchen counter whenever we are hungry. The fact that they are processed means that they are packed with myriad of preservatives and contain high sugars, sodium, and fat. The best way out is always the healthy way, and that is achieved by going for fresh, healthy foods.
  5. Use smaller dinnerware. Choosing smaller dinnerware can help you reduce your calorie intake per meal. It has been proven by experts that people perceive a serving larger in a small plate than in a big plate. And, having a big plate will give you the idea that there is still enough room on your plate for bigger servings. And that my friend, is what makes you fat.
  6. Cook a bigger batch. This sounds counterintuitive, but this is actually effective in making sure what you eat is a whole lot healthier than processed foods. Whenever you’re cooking something healthy, such as pumpkin soup, roasted veggies, or quinoa salad, double or even triple the recipe and pack the leftovers so that you can easily grab it whenever you’re hungry. At least you’re sure that what you eat is healthy though not freshly prepped as compared to junk foods.
  7. Limit your servings. During meal times, we tend to place all the food in the dining table to make the room more festive. This practice is actually bad for your diet because the sight of food makes you hungrier. The best way is to already predetermine servings beforehand and rid the table of any other food, gadgets, iPad accessories, clutter, and anything else but your determined serving, a glass of water, and dinner utensils. Keep it plain and simple.


There is no need to be afraid of the kitchen when you’re trying to lose weight. In fact, as said above, you can always do something that will allow you to limit your appetite, shrug off cravings, and ultimately reduce your daily calorie intake. Make the kitchen the place to be, to shed those extra pounds.


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