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What Comes First?

June 19, 2013

I have always been curious about what raised the fascination of just about everyone that they seem to wish to have a hand on the latest gadgets which are in reality too expensive for starters. True, they indeed make some of the things we do everyday quite faster and easier. Yet, is that sensible if your work income can’t even make a cut for such gadgets?

I have posed my peers that same question trying to make them realize what I have in mind which is that possessing stated gadgets are basically unnecessary. Please don’t get me wrong; I am all for improving daily living. Having said that, what makes for my own judgment is that those people only concentrate on the gadget and do not even consider the associated requirements. And this has become my own mode for entertainment.

Even so, what’s more valuable than having the riches to acquire new cell phone accessories, tablets, and the like is also to have money in purchasing the tools needed for maintenance. Think of it as buying a brand new car. It’s inadequate that you buy a car and not consider the gas money, change oils, engine checks, etcetera. It’s a downright must which cannot be dismissed. This brings me back to the subject at hand – purchasing top-notch technological devices.

First things first, what comes after getting a smartphone? A protective case. I believe that a tech-user should always make sure that a protective case be bought for the device in hand if said individual expects to take pleasure in its many features for a long period of time. In any other case, this consumer is simply throwing away precious time and expense.

Protective cases appear in various styles that are only reliant on the type of device a person has. Take for example my close friend who just not too long ago bought himself a Google Nexus 7 tablet which was evidently difficult to find in retailers. Realizing this sort of trouble, I don’t suppose he deemed the same probability in attaining suitable tablet accessories. He strongly disagreed. All the same, he got himself eBook accessories which included a book-style case, so I think he’ll be alright for the time being.

To conclude, shopping for personal stuff still demands a great deal of thinking beforehand and throughout. Not only should one be preoccupied of a tight budget, he should also ponder on the maintenance issue. As with every venture, there ought to be a backup plan. It’s one of many facts about life and one we can’t turn our backs on. May it be in getting extravagant belongings or specific ventures particularly in business and work, there are always a list entitled “FIRST THINGS FIRST.”



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