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Improving Battery Life of Your Android Phone

July 17, 2013

ImageAdmit it. You are one of the people who fall under the so-called hardcore users of smartphones. You tend to get the hang of every app you have downloaded to your phone and let the battery be all juiced out up to its last drop. With all those newly developed and innovated application games, who wouldn’t be addicted? You can just live tapping all day on your phone’s screen, kill almost all social connections, and be the master of your bladder as long as you could. Hah! Of course, you’re going to need to eat, bathe, and sleep.

But don’t be surprised if one day, the battery stops functioning. Like us, humans, batteries need nourishing, too; they need to be taken care of. Not just your smartphone, but also every bit and piece of it. If not, you’ll be forced to buy aftermarket stuff like replacement batteries. But I’ll give you a heads up. Should your battery die for good—or in that case, for worse—take a shot with the online mobile store which is E_cell rather than going to purchase cheaper replica ones. I have trusted that seller since, so I highly recommend it.

Moving on, here are some quick guides for you to prolong your battery life if the thought of buying replacement parts stings:

#1: Avoid Live Wallpapers

Even though how awesome and cute live wallpapers are, they can be a real battery drainer. Help your phone to prolong battery life by avoiding live wallpapers that can use precious battery juice.

#2: Turn Down the Screen Brightness

Talk about screens here; their brightness can eat up a lot battery juice. To solve this, you can always have the Automatic brightness option so you wouldn’t be adjusting every now and then. Get it activated by following this instruction:

Go to: Settings > Screen & display > Brightness.

But, if you can manage to comprehend your screen even in constantly low value of brightness, then you may do so. It even saves you a lot of battery juice.

#3: Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use.

Stating the obvious, to save resources, one must know how to save it. And evidently, I’m talking about the battery. If you need to have an internet access, then turning the Wi-Fi on will definitely be favorable. But if there’s a time that you are not in need to be connected, you always have an option to turn it off to save your battery’s life. You can turn it off from a homescreen widget, or from Settings > Wireless networks > Wi-Fi.

#4: Use Widgets Wisely

Even though having homescreen widgets can be very handy, they can be a battery drainer of great deal as they oftentimes pull information from the interwebs. Some prefer using widgets to use apps in just a simple tap. But if it is as fast and easy to launch an app, what good is it for, then?

#5: Do not exhaust multi-tasking

Although some smartphones are designed to multi-task, be rational in using them. Yes, you can jump from building to building with the right amount of speed and distance, but you don’t always have to jump. Multi-task if you should, but not if you just want to test it, oddly, every now and then.

You better save your battery’s life if you’re going on a long trip. Be wise on the battery’s usage if you don’t want it to die at the time you need it the most.

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