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Smartphone or “Dumb Phone”?

July 19, 2013

Smartphones can get a little bit fragile. Technically, they are mobile phones on a mobile operating system, and yet with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than a feature phone. A feature phone, on the other hand, is priced at the mid-range in hardware lineup by wireless providers, which can be referred to as a “dumb phone.” Although it is a multipurpose phone without the expense of a high-end smartphone, it’s good for a person especially if he or she is a dodgy one.

With a smartphone that may break just by sitting on it, how are you going to prevent all the damages that may occur, and how are you going to lessen the chance of buying now and then a replacement part for a piece that dysfunctions?

 First off, one must know what safety precautions should be followed in order to keep his or her phone safe and protected. One does not simply read the manual, I know. But if it’s for your hard-earned gadget’s longevity, are you willing to compromise your phone’s long-term safety for just a 30-minute reading of its manual? Read on the manual, and search for the tips to keep your phone protected physically. You might get surprised with the things you do to your phone that can damage it in the long run if you kept doing them.

Secondly, you must buy cell phone accessories for its protection. There are thousands of stores—online and physically—that you could search for accessories that are compatible with your phone. I suggest you start with cell phone cases. Sudden bumps, back scratches and damages are just but a few of the risks that oftentimes are encountered by your pristine phone. It breaks the phone; it breaks your heart. Choose back cases that are sturdy enough if being a hardcore adventurer runs in your blood. Better be careful than be sorry.

Next one I suggest is the LCD screen protector. Back has been protected, how about the screen? It’s going to be harder and harder to read with the screen all scuffed and smeared up with the edge of your house and office keys, I say. So better put the LCD screen protector on the list so you could continue spoiling your eyes with the high-definition display of your screen.

Be careful with buying your accessories. This time, the protection is about you. Take for example the accessories that come in the package as you buy your phone. Sure enough, they are not imitations because they came from the manufacturer itself. But, what if they got broken? Don’t trust the cheaper replica ones if you don’t want it to cause your smartphone’s life—or worse, yours. Be it a charger, or just mere earphones, it’s better to buy from stores that are highly trusted.

If you don’t want so much trouble for protecting your smartphone, and if you think you can’t handle it, it’s better to choose a feature phone so your heart won’t be shattered as your smartphone shatters. Who knows, “dumb phones” may suffice your needs, and you might like it as it gives you less mini-heart attacks.

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