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Are You Up for the Challenge?

August 14, 2013

Tell me, why do you own a smartphone anyway? If I were to be asked the same, I would say, “It can do almost anything I can think of because it’s so versatile.” With all the features that a smartphone possesses, the possibilities of what it can do are endless. From communications, education, health, banking, entertainment, to dating, your trusty handheld device has a say and most certainly can help; all you have to do is match it with the right mobile accessories and apps to optimize its function.

 The main reason why smartphone users never get bored with their device is because there’s always something new to it every day. And if it’s something new you want, it’s what you’ll get with this new app that is actually a game. This game, S.M.T.H. (Send Me To Heaven), will ask you to throw your phone up in the air as high as you can and catch it. This app uses your phone’s accelerometer to record how high you have thrown your phone. It is created by CarrotPop, a Norwegian developer, and this game is absolutely free.

 If you got tired of just tapping your fingers on your device’s LCD screen protector for less interactive games, connecting colorful dots and matching candies, then maybe, this is what you’re looking for. With this, you’ll get to feel the adrenaline-rush and euphoria when you get to catch your phone successfully. Enable the GPS feature of your phone to locate and take part in a local competition of throwing your phone up in the sky. Get ready to place your name in the game’s leaderboard once you get to toss your smartphone the highest to determine who’s the most daring.

 Once you have hurled your precious device in the air, you have to ascertain that you will catch it, or else you’ll be facing the glorious defeat of breaking your smartphone asunder. Make sure that you have good hand-eye coordination so you won’t have to pay the expensive collateral that comes with your miss. This app, too, is a great way to test your luck; your misfortune will surely speak for itself if you failed.

 Unfortunately, fate isn’t smiling on iPhone users because Apple has banned this app from its App Store. Apparently, the company deemed this is a bad idea. It says that it encourages “behavior that could result in damage to the user’s device.” But who knows, Apple might someday change its mind considering the respectable rating it has garnered from Google Play store of 4 ½ stars.

Seems like a very risky game, isn’t it? Well however, before you even get to play this nerve-racking game, you’ll be asked to agree with a disclaimer waiving the liability of the app developer in case you or your smartphone suffer any injuries while playing the game. Maybe, it will be safer to play on soft soil with your phone encased in a silicone case to lessen the blow if you ever fail to catch its fall. But I guess that defeats the spirit of the game. I guess there’s nothing more to say but go ahead and play the game. With this app, literally, the sky is the limit.

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