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The Love That Can Never Be Yours

August 16, 2013


Love is a feeling of affection towards a person, animal, object, or anything—living or non-living. It refers to an emotion of strong attraction and personal attachment. It is all-encompassing that includes virtues like compassion, determination, tolerance, endurance, faith, and so much more. That being said, whenever we love, we want to be with the one we set our attention all out to. However, there are times when we can’t have the love of our life. Simply, as said, “Some things just aren’t meant to be.”

So, Head Case Designs has created a collection of back cases that relates to the kind of love that isn’t meant to be. Truly, we can’t have it all. Sometimes, there is no other option but to give up and let go. It’s just the right thing to do to prevent complicating things. Anyway, enough with the drama, and let’s talk about these stylish mobile back cases that make a shout-out of the love that can never be yours in a cutesy approach. And here we have, my dear friends, the collection entitled Impossible Love:

  1. Head Case Cactus and Balloon Impossible Love Design Back Case Cover. How is it possible for a cactus to love a balloon? Well, I don’t know. Just a single touch can pop the latter into pieces. So tell me, is it ever possible? This is perhaps the perfect analogy of a love that isn’t meant to be. If loving each other will cause the destruction of one, then it’s a love that isn’t worth all the sacrifices.
  2. Head Case Sun and Moon Impossible Love Design Back Case Cover. Is there ever a time in your life when you’d seen night and day happening at the exact same moment? I doubt there is. That is because day and night or the sun and moon are dichotomous; they are contrary to one another—unless for an eclipse. Anyway, it’s just saddening that the two will never ever meet. It’s not just the distance we’re talking about here; it’s about the nature of things, and that we can’t oppose.
  3. Head Case Fox and Bunny Impossible Love Design Back Case Cover. Perhaps, you’re still familiar with the predator-prey relationship of creatures in the animal kingdom. As one gains, the other loses. That’s just how it is in their world—this world. One perfect example is a fox and a bunny. The cuddly, small carrot-eater is just a meal for the vicious, cunning fox. The two aren’t supposed to be with each other or else one could lead into the other’s stomach.
  4. Head Case Sweet and Tooth Impossible Love Design Back Case Cover. Everybody knows that too much sweets can lead to tooth problems. This is the reason why we hide candies and chocolate bars from our children so that they will not turn those pearly white teeth to witch-like, one-seat-apart set of incisors and molars. To add a different angle to the story, it seems like Mr. and Mrs. Toothbrush aren’t going to be happy when Tootsie, the tooth, gets close to her sweet boyfriend, Mr. Lollipop.

What better way to make a statement about the love that isn’t meant for you than to have a case that shows it in a cute way? Get one now to remind you that it isn’t worth it. Move forward and start anew instead. Okay?

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