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Which is the Best Way to Pay?

Money is defined as any object or record, which is generally accepted as payment for goods and services. It can come in the form of cash, credit card, or debit card. Due to the increasing number of goods and services available in the market today, the question is not only “What to buy?” but also “How to pay for them?” In this modern age, there are already a lot of ways on how to settle how much we owe. Unlike in ancient times, the only way of exchange happens through barter. Just imagine if money wasn’t invented, you may be compelled to exchange your smartphone just for a slice of bread. Now how unfair is that?

 Often, the rule of thumb in determining how to pay is: pay cash if possible. If you lack cash, then use your debit card. When the 2 aren’t available, that’s the time to use your credit card. However, this may be relative to every payer. Others prefer one method over the other. The best way to determine which really the best method to pay your dues is is to know their good and bad sides. Know the pros and cons of each method of payment by reading the rest of this article.


  1. Cash. If you have it, use it. This is not an invitation to spend indiscriminately whenever you want. Choose to pay with cash whenever possible. Doing this will allow you to audit your outflows easily and as transparent as an LCD screen protector.

Pros of paying with cash:

  • Absolutely all establishments and stores accept cash.
  • Stores usually give discounts for customers who pay in cash.
  • Your cash on hand dictates how much you only have to spend.
  • There is no need to worry about statements that needs attention.
  • It’s easier to audit your expenses when spending in cash.

Cons of paying with cash:

  • You need to pay the whole amount on the day of purchase.
  • More often than not, there are no instalment terms.
  • Carrying a big amount of cash for a big purchase is very dangerous.
  1. Credit Card. Credit is another word for debt. Most people hate the feeling of having to owe something from someone, and purchasing with your credit card is no different than your regular borrowing. To say the least, of the three, this is the best type of payment. Having a credit card on hand can psychologically entice the buyer to spend more than he should. This is why more and more people have fallen into the quicksand of credit card debts.

Pros of paying with a credit card:

  • You typically have about a month to find a way to pay for what you bought.
  • Instalment terms are possible with credit cards.
  • Some banking institutions provide points or rebates for every purchase.
  • You can do a cash advance.

Cons of paying with a credit card:

  • You can end up with a pile of debts.
  • Stores don’t often give discounts to credit card purchases.
  • Credit card holders need to pay an annual fee.
  • Keeping track of your statements and receipts can be a hassle.
  • Spending is made easy; thus your budget is compromised.
  • Not all establishments accept credit cards.
  1. Debit Card. The debit card is often referred to as “cash on plastic”. It’s like placing your money on a safe place that gives you a chance to take out whatever amount whenever you need to. All you need to do is to remember your pin code to do your purchases.

Pros of paying with a debit card:

  • Debit cards are just like cash; therefore you are eligible for the discounts some stores offer.
  • It’s safe, since there is no need to bring huge amount of money for your big purchases.
  • You can withdraw your money anytime for cash.
  • There is no annual fee or any paperwork.

Cons of paying with a debit card:

  • You can’t pay in instalments.
  • There are no points or rebates for purchases.
  • Not all establishments accept debit cards.
  • There is no cash advance feature for this mode of payment.


Now that you know the differences, the advantages and disadvantages, of these payment methods, you can now choose wisely what kind of payment method to choose for your every transaction. Be a wise spender, and let your newfound knowledge give you an upper hand when it comes to spending your hard earned money.


The Inventions That Changed the Face of the World

Haven’t you thought how our lives would have been today without the inventors who spent their lifetime just to create the amazing things that made life easy? You may visualize those geniuses as someone who just sits all day in their lab, experimenting, to come up with an invention. If so, you are perhaps correct. You see, inventions start from the most basic to the most sophisticated latest gadgets known to man today. Inventing something is not as easy as counting 1, 2, and 3. It takes so much patience and effort. It’s for sure that the inventors who found success in their craft had failed countless of times before coming up with their masterpiece. As Thomas Alba Edison once said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” Know what the greatest inventions of all time are that completely changed the world by checking the list below.


  1. Plow. You may perceive the plow as a crappy piece of tool as compared to the complex machines you now see around, don’t you? Never underestimate this invention for there wouldn’t be a today without this most basic invention. Additionally, this probably started all the other inventions. The plow is a simple tool used to carve a furrow into the soil to make way for planting. Plows made farm work easier and faster.
  2. Wheel. The inventor of this is actually unknown. The oldest wheel and axle mechanism found so far was near Ljubljana, Slovenia that dates roughly 3100 BC. The wheel made transportation and trade more efficiently. However, the potential of the wheel back then was not that greatly realized, since its usefulness was limited due to lack of paved, quality roads. You may be surprised that tens of thousands of other inventions require wheels to function. A lot will surely change if this invention did not materialize.
  3. Refrigerator. Over the years, mankind have sought a way to prevent food from spoiling, and then came the refrigerator. No one can exactly pinpoint who created this marvellous invention, since the concept of refrigeration has evolved as time went by and passed down to generations until a prototype was created. Now you don’t have to put up with the hassle of going to the market everyday just to have something to serve on the table.
  4. Steam Engine. Everything was done by hand before the invention of the steam engine. People then used water wheels or draft animals to make simple machines work. The industrial revolution, perhaps the greatest innovation over the shortest period of time in history, was realized because of the steam engine.
  5. Automobile. The automobile was an invention that mobilized people. Karl Benz created the 1885 Motorwagen, which is considered the first automobile. Henry Ford improved the process of producing automobiles that made them more affordable. This invention’s effect on commerce, society, and culture is hard to overestimate. Aside from getting people to places in a jiffy, it had also fuelled enormous economic growth worldwide.
  6. Light Bulb.  In the 1870’s dozens of people were working on the idea of creating an electric light bulb, and it was Thomas Edison who developed the incandescent bulb. It’s true that there were already means to light dark places back then, such as the gas lamp, which is relatively cheap. But the light bulb revolutionized an already viable light delivery system. Just imagine how boring city skylines are without this brilliant invention.
  7. Computer. This machine is probably one that people can’t live without. Admit it or not, people’s lives are already computer-dependent. Computers started just to solve complicated mathematical equations at incredible rate of speed, but now computers can just do everything. The possibilities are just endless.
  8. Internet. Information just got more and more accessible due to the internet. Its effects on business, communication, economy, entertainment, and politics are so profound. It made shopping easier that you can already purchase something from mobile online stores in the comfort of your own home. It paved the way for globalization to ensue and to expand.


A man who never made a mistake, never made anything; the point is, you have to be responsible and learn from your mistakes. This probably is the guiding principle of all inventors around the world. If it wasn’t for their mistakes, our lives wouldn’t probably be as good as this. The key is to try and try until you succeed.

Challenge Accepted

Routine is good. It can make your life easier by setting your mind to something ahead of time. It is also a means to organize your day so that you will be ready and equipped for your activities. Routine gives you some sense of security, a protection against unexpected problems and ad hoc tasks along the way.               

However, routines can sometimes be just a little boring especially when you are practically living in a series of them your whole life. Everything is planned ahead, organized, and laid out on the table for you. You eat the same breakfast every morning, you wear the same color of shirt everyday, and you know where you put your things down to the littlest like your keys, earrings, USB cables, and the like.  I’m not saying that you totally bypass your routines; I’m just saying that maybe you can do some random stuff along the way to spice up your day a little bit, something that is out of your routine, something that is unlikely for you to do. Hesitant? Oh don’t be silly. This is going to be fun! Here are some of my suggested challenges that you could do to loosen up a little bit.

  • Get away from technology

I understand that life nowadays is nothing but fast-paced. Therefore, these gadgets and devices were invented to assist us and make our lives easier and make our tasks faster to accomplish. But then again, being away from these devices for just an hour wouldn’t hurt, right? It’s just that, when we are too consumed with these technologies, we fail to appreciate the real things around us–how the trees sway to the rhythm of the wind, how the little baby next door laughs at your dog, and how the food smells like when it’s being cooked. No cheating; you should be totally separated from your gadgets even the smallest thins like your mobile and tablet accessories.

  • Talk to a stranger

The media has been successful in instilling in our minds that people are evil. Ergo, we refuse to trust in the innate goodness they still have deep inside them. Trust me, people are good by nature. You will be surprised and definitely be a believer once you tried to talk to a random stranger just about anything under the sun. But still be careful though; you don’t need to fully open up about your life and share personal information.

  • Go to places

Going to a place where I have never been before always keeps my pulse racing. It’s fun to just indulge to the unknown and face your fears while conquering them once in a while. Think of it as some sort of a learning opportunity; you’ll be able to educate yourself on the cultures of other nationalities and people.


I dare you to take the challenge and don’t ever tell me that you are not ready for it because no one is ever ready for anything. For once in your life, take everything as it is, and just be spontaneous.



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What Comes First?

I have always been curious about what raised the fascination of just about everyone that they seem to wish to have a hand on the latest gadgets which are in reality too expensive for starters. True, they indeed make some of the things we do everyday quite faster and easier. Yet, is that sensible if your work income can’t even make a cut for such gadgets?

I have posed my peers that same question trying to make them realize what I have in mind which is that possessing stated gadgets are basically unnecessary. Please don’t get me wrong; I am all for improving daily living. Having said that, what makes for my own judgment is that those people only concentrate on the gadget and do not even consider the associated requirements. And this has become my own mode for entertainment.

Even so, what’s more valuable than having the riches to acquire new cell phone accessories, tablets, and the like is also to have money in purchasing the tools needed for maintenance. Think of it as buying a brand new car. It’s inadequate that you buy a car and not consider the gas money, change oils, engine checks, etcetera. It’s a downright must which cannot be dismissed. This brings me back to the subject at hand – purchasing top-notch technological devices.

First things first, what comes after getting a smartphone? A protective case. I believe that a tech-user should always make sure that a protective case be bought for the device in hand if said individual expects to take pleasure in its many features for a long period of time. In any other case, this consumer is simply throwing away precious time and expense.

Protective cases appear in various styles that are only reliant on the type of device a person has. Take for example my close friend who just not too long ago bought himself a Google Nexus 7 tablet which was evidently difficult to find in retailers. Realizing this sort of trouble, I don’t suppose he deemed the same probability in attaining suitable tablet accessories. He strongly disagreed. All the same, he got himself eBook accessories which included a book-style case, so I think he’ll be alright for the time being.

To conclude, shopping for personal stuff still demands a great deal of thinking beforehand and throughout. Not only should one be preoccupied of a tight budget, he should also ponder on the maintenance issue. As with every venture, there ought to be a backup plan. It’s one of many facts about life and one we can’t turn our backs on. May it be in getting extravagant belongings or specific ventures particularly in business and work, there are always a list entitled “FIRST THINGS FIRST.”



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How the hell did I miss that?

                Have you ever experienced to feel so frustrated trying to search for the truth that you become so impatient that you lose yourself in the process, and then after all the adversities, you experience you suddenly realize that the truth, or the thing that you need the most is actually staring you in the face all along, and you are just too distracted, too stupid, too coward, and too occupied to notice it. Well, it happened to me; I have been torturing a good friend, denied him a couple of times, and hurt his feelings like there is no tomorrow until I realized that all this time, I was actually deeply and madly in love with him.

                Now I am contemplating, how the hell did I miss that? In my search for answers, I arrived in three different reasons on how I possibly missed a very important matter in my life.


                To think about it, being occupied is not such a bad thing; it becomes adversary when you become too occupied for the wrong reasons. I claim that I was looking for the truth, but I spent my time with the wrong people. I have been in wrong relationships even though I know from the start that it’s wrong. I pushed it through thinking that eventually everything will all come back to where they should be. Being in that situation feels like purchasing the wrong replacement parts for your gadget. No matter how they guarantee that they are made to last and that they are made from top quality materials, if they are not compatible with your device, consider your money to go to the trash.


                I have to say that I lacked the courage to admit it to myself that I was in love with my friend all along. I had this useless notion that the first one to have feelings for the other person is always the loser. I have always regarded sentiment as a very harmful distraction; thus, even though I felt that for a moment I felt my heart skip, my face light up for him and my eyes twinkle when I look at him, I disregarded them all and never entertained the idea that I was falling for him in the first place. That is the biggest regret of my life. If I just became more courageous to own my feelings, I would have been happier.


                I am a self confessed technology addict, if there is such a thing. I spend my entire day scouting and searching for kick-ass mobile accessories, from cell phone cases to USB cables, etc. At first I thought I was just being true to myself, true to my passions by chasing what my heart desires. But later on, I realized that the most important things in life are not the material things.

                Mistakes are not all the time bad. If you think about it, you’ll see that they are just steps to make you learn your lessons.

The Peculiar Kitchen Tricks to Shed Those Extra Pounds

The kitchen is the part of the house used for preparing and cooking food. This is perhaps the heart of every home. Without the kitchen, you will most likely starve to death. As said, the kitchen is where the ingredients you buy from the supermarket or elsewhere are turned into scrumptious grub. However, if you are on a mission to shed those extra pounds, I believe the kitchen is the last part of the house where you want to be. Because the tendency is, seeing food will only make you eat and eat, and if that’s to happen, then good luck with your diet. With the kitchen tricks listed below, you need not to be afraid anymore of loitering in the kitchen. There are things that you can do in the kitchen that can actually make you lose weight. Just read the list below to find out what they are.

  1. Make fruits visible and accessible. Not all fruits are readily available to serve as a snack. Some should be prepped, pared, deseeded, and sliced before they can be eaten. The tendency is, if it requires that much work, we tend to go for convenience foods like junk foods instead of healthy options once hungry. To break that habit, prepare your fruits beforehand and place them in a container as transparent as an LCD screen protector to appear visible. Store the prepped fruits at eye level in the refrigerator, so that you’ll reach for them whenever you’re hungry.
  2. Load up on greens. A full-course meal isn’t so common anymore in most homes. Dinners typically include a slab of meat, a form of carbohydrates, and a spoonful of veggies. One good way to lay off those excess calories is to introduce salad first before the main dish. Vegetables are fibrous and can make you feel satiated allowing you to eat less of the main course.
  3. Measure your ingredients accurately. It’s important that you have the right tools to use when cooking, such as measuring cups and spoons. People tend to overestimate how much of this and that needs to be used, and more often than not, they infuse ingredients over the prescribed amount, thus resulting to additional calories. Measuring ingredients not only helps you control calorie content; it also ensures that the food you cook is perfect as stated in the recipe.
  4. Store junk foods away. Since junk foods are convenient foods, they are the first things we grab over the kitchen counter whenever we are hungry. The fact that they are processed means that they are packed with myriad of preservatives and contain high sugars, sodium, and fat. The best way out is always the healthy way, and that is achieved by going for fresh, healthy foods.
  5. Use smaller dinnerware. Choosing smaller dinnerware can help you reduce your calorie intake per meal. It has been proven by experts that people perceive a serving larger in a small plate than in a big plate. And, having a big plate will give you the idea that there is still enough room on your plate for bigger servings. And that my friend, is what makes you fat.
  6. Cook a bigger batch. This sounds counterintuitive, but this is actually effective in making sure what you eat is a whole lot healthier than processed foods. Whenever you’re cooking something healthy, such as pumpkin soup, roasted veggies, or quinoa salad, double or even triple the recipe and pack the leftovers so that you can easily grab it whenever you’re hungry. At least you’re sure that what you eat is healthy though not freshly prepped as compared to junk foods.
  7. Limit your servings. During meal times, we tend to place all the food in the dining table to make the room more festive. This practice is actually bad for your diet because the sight of food makes you hungrier. The best way is to already predetermine servings beforehand and rid the table of any other food, gadgets, iPad accessories, clutter, and anything else but your determined serving, a glass of water, and dinner utensils. Keep it plain and simple.


There is no need to be afraid of the kitchen when you’re trying to lose weight. In fact, as said above, you can always do something that will allow you to limit your appetite, shrug off cravings, and ultimately reduce your daily calorie intake. Make the kitchen the place to be, to shed those extra pounds.


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When Good is Not Good Enough

Your exam will befall in a day’s time. You burned your eyebrows day and night just to ace your exams. And when that day came, you answered as much as you can, motivated by the idea that you will top it all up. You are very confident and all and just couldn’t help imagining that you will be a top-notcher. Results finally came with much of your anticipation. But then again, you were not even in the list of top students. You cry: What went wrong? I sure studied well? I don’t understand! With your eagerness to know the answer, you asked for your paper and ran down to every item and as you’ve reached the last page, you missed to answer the essay part which is a heart-shattering 20 points.

This instance can only be looked back with regret and makes us do our best to shake it off our heads. But what’s worse than falling short of things in life you aspire is that you mess up with your relationships. The best things in life aren’t things, I say. Let’s not get far from romance. It has been a relationship protocol to let your better half know every detail of the things you do when you are apart. He or she will start with the questions: How are you doing? Did you take your lunch? What are you watching? And then countless questions that keep all your smartphones beeping. Love is always sweet when it’s new; it can get sweeter when it’s only true. But when is a relationship not good enough? Here is some list that may or could’ve hit your relationship:

  • High expectations. A lot of us do expect—no, scratch that—all of us do expect yet it depends on its rate. Some people have low expectations and evidently, the rest goes way over the top. To tell that the former is better than the latter would be a fallacy since both share equal advantages and drawbacks. For low expectations sure is good in a way that it doesn’t require much of his or her partner. But here’s the catch, he or she underestimates his or her partner which is really degrading on the other. And the usual who expects highly thinks his or her partner can do great things. But when the other falls short, expect as well the disappointment it brings.
  • Over expressed. Too much of anything is always bad. In relationships, it’s not bad to be honest with both sides for it is important for both to be transparent in order for trust to prevail in the relationship. But sometimes one thinks he or she is always right. Thus they argue their point to their partners in which it spoils the relationship. One must control or better yet, stop expressing unnecessary stuff that could push your partner away.
  • Taking hold. If the previous one says hold back, this one points the problem on taking on hold. It’s when one of the parties doesn’t want to let go of the issue. Forgive and forget won’t ever be their motto. They keep bringing back their partner’s fault once they should be the one to blame on the current situation. They just couldn’t forgive their partner and nothing sucks more than a trust being crushed.

A not good enough relationship is like a cheap mobile accessory that usually may give compromised quality. Maybe the other thinks that he or she gives everything but his or her partner could not see it—simply because they have different love language. Other than that, the relationship was made out of self gratification alone. Thus it fails most often since expectations to be gratified aren’t met.