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The Inventions That Changed the Face of the World

June 25, 2013

Haven’t you thought how our lives would have been today without the inventors who spent their lifetime just to create the amazing things that made life easy? You may visualize those geniuses as someone who just sits all day in their lab, experimenting, to come up with an invention. If so, you are perhaps correct. You see, inventions start from the most basic to the most sophisticated latest gadgets known to man today. Inventing something is not as easy as counting 1, 2, and 3. It takes so much patience and effort. It’s for sure that the inventors who found success in their craft had failed countless of times before coming up with their masterpiece. As Thomas Alba Edison once said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” Know what the greatest inventions of all time are that completely changed the world by checking the list below.


  1. Plow. You may perceive the plow as a crappy piece of tool as compared to the complex machines you now see around, don’t you? Never underestimate this invention for there wouldn’t be a today without this most basic invention. Additionally, this probably started all the other inventions. The plow is a simple tool used to carve a furrow into the soil to make way for planting. Plows made farm work easier and faster.
  2. Wheel. The inventor of this is actually unknown. The oldest wheel and axle mechanism found so far was near Ljubljana, Slovenia that dates roughly 3100 BC. The wheel made transportation and trade more efficiently. However, the potential of the wheel back then was not that greatly realized, since its usefulness was limited due to lack of paved, quality roads. You may be surprised that tens of thousands of other inventions require wheels to function. A lot will surely change if this invention did not materialize.
  3. Refrigerator. Over the years, mankind have sought a way to prevent food from spoiling, and then came the refrigerator. No one can exactly pinpoint who created this marvellous invention, since the concept of refrigeration has evolved as time went by and passed down to generations until a prototype was created. Now you don’t have to put up with the hassle of going to the market everyday just to have something to serve on the table.
  4. Steam Engine. Everything was done by hand before the invention of the steam engine. People then used water wheels or draft animals to make simple machines work. The industrial revolution, perhaps the greatest innovation over the shortest period of time in history, was realized because of the steam engine.
  5. Automobile. The automobile was an invention that mobilized people. Karl Benz created the 1885 Motorwagen, which is considered the first automobile. Henry Ford improved the process of producing automobiles that made them more affordable. This invention’s effect on commerce, society, and culture is hard to overestimate. Aside from getting people to places in a jiffy, it had also fuelled enormous economic growth worldwide.
  6. Light Bulb.  In the 1870’s dozens of people were working on the idea of creating an electric light bulb, and it was Thomas Edison who developed the incandescent bulb. It’s true that there were already means to light dark places back then, such as the gas lamp, which is relatively cheap. But the light bulb revolutionized an already viable light delivery system. Just imagine how boring city skylines are without this brilliant invention.
  7. Computer. This machine is probably one that people can’t live without. Admit it or not, people’s lives are already computer-dependent. Computers started just to solve complicated mathematical equations at incredible rate of speed, but now computers can just do everything. The possibilities are just endless.
  8. Internet. Information just got more and more accessible due to the internet. Its effects on business, communication, economy, entertainment, and politics are so profound. It made shopping easier that you can already purchase something from mobile online stores in the comfort of your own home. It paved the way for globalization to ensue and to expand.


A man who never made a mistake, never made anything; the point is, you have to be responsible and learn from your mistakes. This probably is the guiding principle of all inventors around the world. If it wasn’t for their mistakes, our lives wouldn’t probably be as good as this. The key is to try and try until you succeed.

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