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Challenge Accepted

June 21, 2013

Routine is good. It can make your life easier by setting your mind to something ahead of time. It is also a means to organize your day so that you will be ready and equipped for your activities. Routine gives you some sense of security, a protection against unexpected problems and ad hoc tasks along the way.               

However, routines can sometimes be just a little boring especially when you are practically living in a series of them your whole life. Everything is planned ahead, organized, and laid out on the table for you. You eat the same breakfast every morning, you wear the same color of shirt everyday, and you know where you put your things down to the littlest like your keys, earrings, USB cables, and the like.  I’m not saying that you totally bypass your routines; I’m just saying that maybe you can do some random stuff along the way to spice up your day a little bit, something that is out of your routine, something that is unlikely for you to do. Hesitant? Oh don’t be silly. This is going to be fun! Here are some of my suggested challenges that you could do to loosen up a little bit.

  • Get away from technology

I understand that life nowadays is nothing but fast-paced. Therefore, these gadgets and devices were invented to assist us and make our lives easier and make our tasks faster to accomplish. But then again, being away from these devices for just an hour wouldn’t hurt, right? It’s just that, when we are too consumed with these technologies, we fail to appreciate the real things around us–how the trees sway to the rhythm of the wind, how the little baby next door laughs at your dog, and how the food smells like when it’s being cooked. No cheating; you should be totally separated from your gadgets even the smallest thins like your mobile and tablet accessories.

  • Talk to a stranger

The media has been successful in instilling in our minds that people are evil. Ergo, we refuse to trust in the innate goodness they still have deep inside them. Trust me, people are good by nature. You will be surprised and definitely be a believer once you tried to talk to a random stranger just about anything under the sun. But still be careful though; you don’t need to fully open up about your life and share personal information.

  • Go to places

Going to a place where I have never been before always keeps my pulse racing. It’s fun to just indulge to the unknown and face your fears while conquering them once in a while. Think of it as some sort of a learning opportunity; you’ll be able to educate yourself on the cultures of other nationalities and people.


I dare you to take the challenge and don’t ever tell me that you are not ready for it because no one is ever ready for anything. For once in your life, take everything as it is, and just be spontaneous.



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