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Alarm Clocks: Why Should We Love Them?

July 2, 2013

What makes you tick first thing in the morning? Right! Alarm Clocks (pun intended)! You are sleeping soundly dreaming of your—what else?—dream guy or girl and when it’s time for the kissing scene, the alarm clock from your smartphone starts outrageously alarming! You could’ve thrown your phone and go back dreaming. And because you are just so in love with sleeping, aside from your dream guy or girl, you hit the snooze as fast and hard as you can—every now and then. What’s worst is you couldn’t sleep anymore or even worse, the never-would-like-to-be-thinkable happened! You are downright late for your oh-so important appointment. Needless to say, it makes you feel tired and cranky, no matter how long you have actually slept. You have every reason to hate alarm clocks but why should you love them? Consider it the clock of your dreams for here is the list of latest gadgets that will definitely make your sleepyheads up!


  • Clocky Robotic Alarm Clock. Meet Clocky before it runs away! It leaps off your night stand making the annoying beep-beep sound, leaving you wheezing as you try to catch this little bugger to turn it off. Just wish for it not to wriggle on tight places.[$49.99 – $59.99]
  • Flying Alarm Clock. Yes, flying. So you have to keep your eyes open to find where the propeller-driven key to the alarm clock is propelled to. So might as well force your sleep addled brain into wakefulness and retrieve the key so the loud shrieking alarm goes off. [$19.99]
  • Target Alarm Clock. Sucker for shooting games? Then Target alarm clock will be a great try. The Gun O’Clock target pops up, and you have to grab the gun in time to literally kill the alarm. Hah! Wake up in action before you get killed! [$17.13]
  • Finger Dance Alarm Clock. Skateboard has a fingerboard now, so why can’t a dance revolution for the finger do? Not a bad idea, I say! What fun to wake up and dance with the tune and play with it until the music stops! Get those fingers busy giving a game arcade feeling every morning! [$26.78]
  • No Snooze Alarm Clock. Have a problem with snooze? Then get rid of it! You think it’ll be much more fun? Ooh, wait ‘til this alarm clock rings! You have to lift the strap and twirl it for 90 seconds, hitting two rotations for each second. And don’t even think about slowing up or stopping completely halfway through or you have to make the full run again if you fail halfway! Do you love snooze button now?
  • Sfera Alarm Clock. Since the previous one is a cruel one, this Sfera Alarm Clock brings you back the snooze you once hated. You can tap the alarm to stop sounding when the alarm triggers. Clock will start to rise up towards the ceiling as soon as you go back to sleep. Sleep some more and you’ll definitely need a ladder! You have to drag it back down to your bed to fully deactivate the alarm clock or you’ll forever wish to have a lower ceiling!


Do you still hate having alarm clocks? It’s better to wake up than to not be awake at all!

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