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Say It with a Mobile Case

August 15, 2013

Every word that is said has its own purpose. Some, with their wits, just throw a bunch of words and organize them in an unlikely fashion and come up with something that can mean so much more than the set of words combined nominally. Sometimes, it’s just convenient to just go for the pre-thought statements to convey what you think or how you feel. Wise words are found anywhere; today, they have been incorporated into items such as shirts, tumblers, cases for gadgets, or sometimes, even in food. With all the thoughts that we want to express, to say it by mouth isn’t just enough.

 Luckily, with the new collection Head Case Designs, you can now state your daily expressions in a flashy way. The collection comes in a variety of flashy colors and fun designs that will surely give your gadget a brand new personality and a perkier look. Aside from the new look, a mobile back case also protects your gadget from scratches, bumps, and blows. Just choose from the expressions below to dress your phone the way you like it.

  1. Push d’ panic button. First up in the Idioms Reloaded designs is this statement. This is used to show a reaction to a situation with fear and confusion. The mere thought of the words combined themselves is actually hilarious enough. It’s just like there’s always a button readily available that you can hit when things are about to go wrong. Just don’t forget to incorporate a bit of humor with your panic to lighten up your mood.
  2. Easy on the eyes. Being easy on the eyes means that one has an attractive appearance that is pleasing to look at. Sometimes, it’s just easier to show someone what’s on your mind than to say it personally. Good thing you can now have a mobile back case with this imprinted on it to express your thoughts that you can hardly blurt out.
  3. No rest for the weary. Everybody needs a pat on the back sometimes to affirm the efforts that he does. Truly, there’s no rest for the weary for people who are already worn-out but still needs to work. A great way to reward yourself for the hard work that you do is to take hold of this one-of-a-kind expression that simply says who you are.
  4. Speak your mind. As timid as you can be, often, you just can’t say what’s on your mind. Even if you think that the content of your thoughts is an important matter, you chose to keep your silence because you’re just too shy to speak out. Some, on the other hand, tend to say things that aren’t really what they think or how they feel. To remind you of the virtue of liberty, honesty, and whatnot, dress your gadget with this case, and feel free to speak your mind.
  5. Stand the test of time. Something that can stand the test of time can prove its resiliency amid circumstances that favors not that thing. This is a statement that everybody should observe in every aspect of his life whether it be his reputation, relationships, or the durability of his smartphone. And yes, with this, your smartphone will literally stand the test of time, fully protected.

Whatever you may be thinking or feeling, there’s always an idiom right for you. All you have to do is to find the right words, and voila! Let your mobile back case do the talking for you.

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